Northwest Interior and Exterior Door Installation

Exterior Door Installation - Northwest Seattle, Tacoma, Everett

I am up for anything when it comes to updating my home here in Lynnwood. One thing I do not mess with is installing doors. I have tried it so many times and EVERY time I installed a door (interior or exterior), they either looked bad, closed wrong and did not swing correctly.

This time around I got smart and hired a professional exterior and interior door installer. His name was Dwayne and he owns a company called Yah Mon Construction. Dwayne is Jamaican, so hence the name of his contracting company.

Dwayne has bee installing doors for over 7 years and has been steadily growing his business here in the Seattle Everett area since.

He was fast, very communicative and incredibly good at installing doors. Heck, IMHO, installing doors is an art and if you are good at it, you can do a heck of a lot of good for us homeowners out there.

I would highly suggest reaching out to Dwayne and have him install your doors. We had a ton of issues with our front door, from the casing to the header. Dwayne just kept working at it until we got it right. Great work ethic and the man knows doors. Reach out to Dwayne by using the form below.